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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Top 10 Technologies To Learn In 2020

Top 10 Technologies To Learn In 2020

As you know, information technology is a field that is changing a lot, the technology we are learning today may not have that much tomorrow or it may get out of the IT market. But this is also a field where there are chances of many jobs in the future, so the top 10 technologies to learn in 2020 can be very simple such as machine learning, deep learning, cloud computing, artificial intelligence etc. We will discuss this top 10 technologies about learning and also about their future scope and salary.

(1). Machine Learning and Deep Learning :- 

Top 10 Technologies To Learn In 2020

Machine learning is a type of application that provides this capability to the system so that it can learn automatically and improve itself if needed, so they use their own experience and not any explicit programmed. Machine learning always focuses on computer programs so that they can access the data and later use it for learning.There is a lot of scope of machine learning in today's time and in future it will have lots of jobs. Nowadays machine learning is being used in every field like in health sector, education etc. At this time, these are some companies that are working on Machine Learning Technology:-
1. NeenOpal Intelligent Solutions
2. Knoldus Inc.
3. Synapse India
4. Accubits Technologies Inc.
5. Icreon
6. Marlab Inc.
Salary:-11L - 14L/Year

(2). Artificial Intelligence:-

Top 10 Technologies To Learn In 2020

A new domain has emerged, which people know as Artificial Intelligence. Which is basically the branch of computer science, whose job is to make intelligent machines that are as intelligent as humans and have the ability to take their own design, this will make our work even easier.
At this time, these are some companies that are working on Artificial Intelligence Technology: -
1. AIBreain
2. AEye
3. AlphaSense
4. Amazon
5. Anki
6. CaseText
7. Blue Rich Tech
8. Google
9. Freenom
10. IBM
salary:- 8L - 10L/Year

(3) Internet of Thing(IOT):-

Top 10 Technologies To Learn In 2020

Internet of things(IOT) will become a big profession in future and in this profession too many jobs will be available. This is a field that is being used almost everywhere nowadays whether it is smart health care system, or home automation, it can be electronics equipment. Nowadays, many startups are working on this technology. And this technology will have a very good scope not only now but also in the coming time. There is a lot of research work in it along with the development, so it can be a good choice for those who see their future in research.
At this time, these are some companies that are working on IOT(Internet of things) Technology: -
1 SoluLab
2. Softweb Solutions
3. Contus
4. Prompt Softech
5. TechAhead etc.
Salary:- 300K/yr

(4). Cloud Computing:-

Top 10 Technologies To Learn In 2020

You may have heard these words many times, but do you know what cloud computing is, why is it getting heard so much these days as we know that computer network technologies have grown a lot in the last 20 years since The Internet has made its existence known, since then there has been a lot of advancement in the field of computer networks and especially distributed computing and Cloud computing, such as Field had enough research.
Talking about the cloud, it is the design of a large interconnected network services that is designed to deliver computer resources and there is no concept of a strict location that the data is coming from and being told. If I say in easy language, if a user uses it, then he will feel that he is using a huge formless computing power so that the user can do all the things according to his need, from his email to the mapping of the mobile application. 
At this time, these are some companies that are working on Cloud Computing Technology: -
  1. Amazon Web Service (AWS)
  2. Microsoft Azure.
  3.Google Cloud Platform.
  4. IBM Cloud Services.
  5. Adobe Creative Cloud.
  6. Kamatera
  7. VMware.
  8. Rackspace.
 Salary:- 1,410K/yr - 4040K/yr

(5)  Big Data:-

Top 10 Technologies To Learn In 2020

Big data is used to handle large data sets. As we know that in today's time, data is very large because Internet users have grown a lot, so used Big Data Technology to secure, access and analyze these users' data.
Organisation uses this information to improve its business decisions.
Through big data analytics, data scientists and predictive modelers analyze data from many sources.At this time, these are some companies that are working on Big Data Technology: -
7.HP Enterprise.
Salary:- 713k/yr

(6).cyber security:-

Top 10 Technologies To Learn In 2020

Now-a-days as the data on cloud increases, the possibility of loss or hack of data is also increasing and big companies have a challenge to secure their data, hence they are giving jobs to many cyber security their data. To secure
According to a report, about 1 million jobs are currently vacant in the world for cyber security jobs. And all IT Air Computer students are eligible for this job.Following are the jobs under cyber security:-
   (i). Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
   (ii). Security engineer
   (iii). Security architect
   (iv). security analyst

Cyber Security

1. Fortinet
2. KnowBe4
3. Cisco
4. Splunk
5. Microsoft
Salary:- 1316k/yr - 3,112K/yr

(7). UX/UI design:-

UI means user interface means how to view your website. Which theme have you used? What is the font of your website? This is very important for any website. UX stands for User Experience. What is the user experience with your website?
These are some companies that are working on UX/UI design Technology:-
  1. Beard Design
  2. 17SEVEN
  3. Studiofra
  4. Redd
  5. NFN Labs
Salary:- 299k/yr-724k/yr

(8). Data Analysis:-

It involves several steps, including setting up data sets, preparing data for processing, implementing models, identifying key findings, and creating reports.
Data analysis can include data mining, descriptive and predictive analysis, statistical analysis, business analysis, and big data analysis.
These are some companies that are working on Data Analysis Technology:-
1. Sumatosoft
2. ScienceSoft
3. Pragmatic Works
Salary:- 437k/yr - 1015k/yr

(9). Blockchain:-

Blockchain is going to change our IT industry in the same way as open source software did a decade ago and just as Linux has been the core of modern application development from a decade, Blockchain is also going to be a source of information in the future. Will be lower cost and it can be implemented easily and it will be very cheap.These are some companies that are working on Blockchain Technology:-
1 EzyRemit.
2. Signzy.
3. Primechain.
4. PSI PHI Blockchain Labs.
5. Darwin Labs.
6. KrypC.
7. Sofocole Technologies.
Salary:- 5L/year-30L/year

(10). React js and angular js:-

Nowadays, a lot of startups work on Angular js and React js and use it for frontend and backend development and its scope is also quite in future.These are some companies that are working on React Js and Angular Js:-
 1.Data EximIT
 3. cronj
Salary:- 5L/year - 11L/year


Friday, April 10, 2020

Take full advantage of online classes by adopting these tricks

Take full advantage of online classes by adopting these tricks

Take full advantage of online classes by adopting these tricks

Taking these classes for the first time?These Tips will help online classes become better focused

Universities and collages have also been closed due to the steps taken to control Kovid 19 epidemic, so that universities are now starting online classes so that students do not lose their studies. However, it is no longer easy for students sitting in a class full of students to read alone in the rooms, check the internet for resources and complete assignments online. Secondly, with the abundance of social media feeds and WhatsApp messages, you can get away from your entertainment. 

In this way, these tips can be helpful for you:-

Old fashioned notes:-

Looking at an online lecture or presentation, if you are making notes then use pen and paper instead of typing on the laptop. Research has revealed that typing students performed poorly in conceptual questions as compared to hand-writing notes. Not only this, the tenancy of transcribing every word of the lecture was seen in those who type. Which affects your learning as opposed to processing and reformatting the information in your own words.

Keep taking breaks in between:-

Do not forget to take frequent breaks while studying online. Sloan Senior Lecturer Bob Posen from MIT 75 says that working 45 to 90 minutes helps your brain to work in two modes. The first is learning or focus and the second is consolidation. Taking a 15-minute break after tasking helps the brain to consolidate and remember it.

Keep away the distractions:-

If twitter, netflix or whatsapp diverts your attention between studies and does not allow you to focus, then there are many apps that can help you overcome this problem. Can.

Take study plan help:-

Make a study calendar that contains information about the upcoming exam, date of submitting assignments, etc. Save it on your computer or mobile. And whenever you sit and read, you must see it once. At the beginning of every week, make two lists and complete them in time.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Corona's impact on the job offer letter of students graduating in 2020

               Corona's impact on the job offer letter of students graduating in 2020

Nowadays, every student who has either been placed or was going to be place has not been placed, is thinking that his placement will not stop due to corona virus or can the joining be canceled.Because everyone needs a job and anyway engineering is a field where most people are unemployed and millions of people are unemployed every year in india.

Corona's impact on the job offer letter of students graduating in 2020

Due to Corona virus, many countries like America, China, UK, Germany etc. have been Lock Down due to Corona Virus.The big IT companies of our country, whether they are Infosys,TCS,Wipro etc. all of them have their clients from these countries.So effect on these countries economy will also effect the business of these company.And due to the lock down, the shares of these companies are also falling and these companies are suffering a lot of losses. Also, work is stalled due to the absence of employees.While Infosys has made 18,000 offers this financial year, Wiprohas said it will onboard around 20,000 fresh graduates.“The real impact will be on hiring for next year (2021), which will depend on the demand outlook amid spread of Coronavirus”.It totally depends on effect of corona virus on world.

In these circumstances some of these can happen.

1. Either offer letter may come late by 2-3 months.
2. Either companies will remove some of their employees based on their      performance.
3. Either there may be a decrease in the placement of engineering students graduating in the year 2021, so that they can give jobs to all the students who graduate in 2020.
4.These Indian governments will take care of the losses of these companies by giving them financial support so that unemployment spreads.
5.Or this company can cancel some offer letters, mostly small companies with small business but in big companies like Infosys, TCS it is likely to work a bit.Because these companies have so much capacity that they can withstand such situations.


Do not depend on one company try to get more and more offers so that you can have at least one offer if some of them get cancelled.Try to learn new technologies so that when everything is fine you can get more and more opportunities.

Effect on students graduating in 2021 year ?

Corona's impact on the job offer letter of students graduating in 2020

It may be hard time for Students graduating in year 2021 because the joining of students placed in 2020 will be late due this companies will definitely reduce the numbers of offers in 2021.So the competition in 2021 will be very high.Unemployment rate will also increase in 2021.Because jobs will be limited and number of applicable students will be large.But there is possibility that placement will reduce around 30-40 percent.

But there will some good opportunities will also there.


Monday, April 6, 2020

Effect of Corona virus(covid-19) On world’s Future

Effect of Corona virus(covid-19) On world’s Future

corona virus(covid-19) which is the global issue now as days has taught us that no one need to fear anyone because everyone is having fear to everyone. Corona virus is destroyed the world economy. Corona virus also taught the people about the social distancing. Corona virus completely changed the living style and food habits of human. Now every foreign country is using the India’s Namaste culture instead of hand shake. 

Effect of Corona virus(covid-19) On world’s Future

Due to Corona Virus human’s social habits are changing. Corona Virus also increased the digital advancement. There are various habits which will be changed due to the corona virus:-

1.  Again using Namaste Tradition:-

World is now avoiding the hand shaking habit due to corona virus instead of this they are using India’s Namaste tradition. In India there is a tradition of Namaste In order to give respect to others but due to foreign culture people started using the hand shaking tradition but now people again using Namaste culture.

Effect of Corona virus(covid-19) On world’s Future

2. Work from Home Culture:-

Corona virus effect now made helpless to the companies to allow employees to do work from home. Now such companies are also allowing their employees to do work from home who not even think about to do work from home. Now sales employees are also doing work from home.

Effect of Corona virus(covid-19) On world’s Future

3. Gender Equality will get a boost:-

During work from home gender equality will also get a boost because we often seen the difference in work and salary between the male and female but work from home can remove those differences according to experts this trends in work from home will effect for long time.

Effect of Corona virus(covid-19) On world’s Future

4. Online Shopping habits will increase:-

Ecommerce will not only be limited to clothes and other items because now due to fear of corona virus people are using online shopping for their daily uses things. This effect will be seen in future. In the coming future there be increase in online shopping Grocery, Milk, Food etc. like daily uses things.

Effect of Corona virus(covid-19) On world’s Future

Because now people are feared to go malls and shops due to the corona virus effect. Due to this there is an increase in online orders. According to ecommerce sailors after increase in corona virus effect in last few days there is an increase in the corona in market of Amazon, Bigbasket and Grofers about 20-30 percent. The product which are bought during the period are grocery, food items and other things required for daily life.

5. People will avoid going to crowded places:-

Due to the corona virus people will avoid going to crowded places and uses of public transports. Now people will also avoid to go clubs, marriage functions and parties etc. People will prefer to watch movie at home in OTT platform rather then going to watch multiplex because it is more safe to watch movie at home rather then going to multiplex because it is more crowdy.

Effect of Corona virus(covid-19) On world’s Future

6.  Will study online:-

In India there is also increase in trend of virtual classes. School and universities are trying to changes the this old culture of study and students need to developed the habits of study in online rather then in classrooms. Many telecom companies also purposed special plans for those who studies from home.

Effect of Corona virus(covid-19) On world’s Future

7. Digital payment will increase trend:-

The cases of corona virus also increasing in India in a very fast way due to this fear is also increasing in people and people are using less physical currency. Due to this  digital payment trend is increasing day by day to avoid corona virus(covid-19). The Governor of Reserve Bank Mr. Shaktikant Das also requested to the customers to use digital payments as much as possible.

 Effect of Corona virus(covid-19) On world’s Future

8. Food and Hygiene habits will change:-

Corona Virus taught the importance of cleanliness to the people. In India there is not good standard of hygiene as compared to other foreign countries but we see the changes are happening. Food habits of people are also changing. Now people preferring the good quality food so that in future hotels and restaurant will also try to raise the standard of quality and hygiene.

Effect of Corona virus(covid-19) On world’s Future

Corona virus has hurt the economy a lot and increased the social distancing among the people but the good thing is that people are also increasing the family bond by staying at home. Due to corona virus there is also a change in the work tradition of companies. Due to corona we will see the change in habits of people in future.

Airtel X-Stream In 25 States of India

Airtel X-Stream In 25 States of India

Airtel X-stream:-

Airtel, one of India's largest telecom companies, is preparing to increase its broadband service X-stream. Airtel started its X-Stream service in October 2019 in some cities with a speed of 1 Gbps. Now the company plans to grow it in 25 cities by the end of the year. The 25 cities that the company has chosen are as follows:-

April 1: Ajmer, Ghazipur, Kota, Shimla
April 15: Jagadhari, Yamunanagar
May 1: Hosur, Mathura, Jhansi, Thanjavur
June 1: Aligarh, Bhilwara, Bikaner, Bundi, Dharamshala, Gorakhpur, Jodhpur, Kakinada, Kolhapur, Mirzapur, Muzaffarnagar, Shahjahanpur, Tirupati, Udaipur
July 1: Rohtak

Airtel X-Stream In 25 States of India

Basic Plan of X-Stream:-

The basic plan of Airtel X-Stream is starting from Rs 599. It includes customers with 16 Mbps speed, 100 GB data unlimited local and STD calls and Airtel X-Stream content access also provided to the users.

Entertainment plan of X-Stream:- 

The same Airtel X-Stream entertainment plan is available for Rs 799. In this, customers get 40 Mbps speed, unlimited data and calls.

Premium Plan of X-Stream:-

Apart from this, there is also a premium plan of 1000 rupees. In this, customers will get 100 Mbps speed, unlimited data and calls.

VIP plans of X-Stream:-

 Airtel X-Stream customers will get 300 Mbps speed and 600 GB data in VIP plans.

Airtel X-Stream prices being launched in new cities can be derived from old plans. It is believed that the new basic plan can start from Rs 799. In which the customer will get 150 when data will be available with 100 mbps speed. Apart from this, the entertainment plan will be available for Rs 999 and the premium plan will be Rs 1499. Due to the Corona Virus in the country, many companies are working from home, due to which people are using more data, it is believed that in the coming time many companies will do work from home. In this, increasing its services of Airtel is being considered a good step. Premium and VIP users of Airtel X-Stream will also be offered Amazon Prime and G5 along with Airtel X-Stream content.

Offers of Airtel X-Stream:-

The value that set-up is 3999 rupees, apart from this, whatever application is free for their content 1 month. And if you want to continue this service after one month, you will have to recharge for Rs 300 for 3 months. Airtel X-Stream is offering another complex in which you can choose a full 1-year plan. In which you will have to give 999 rupees extra with a set-up box of Rs 3999, in which you will be given a one-year application package by activating it. But watching TV channels will be different from the charging of application content. In Airtel X-Stream, you will get the opportunity to play movies, apps, games, TV channels, everything in it. It has 4K content, Google Assistant feature and it is powered by Android TV. A remote will also be given to listen to voice commands. There will also be an option to install a micro-card.

Tik Tok vs You Tube Shorts

Tik Tok vs You Tube Shorts

Tik Tok vs You Tube Shorts:-

These days people are at home because of Corona Virus and they are using Tik Tok too much. Because it is a good medium of entertainment. People are telling their situation through social media on Tik Tok. After Tik Tok You Tube is also thinking of bringing something to the market. To compete against Tik Tok, You Tube also facilitates making a short video. And its name will be Shorts. Shorts can be better than Tik Tok. Also it will get more videos and music than Tik Tok. Because You Tube already has a license for millions of Music. People will be able to make short videos in shorts and share them as well. However, it may take time for this feature to appear in You Tube. In Tik Tok users can make videos of 15 seconds or 60 seconds.

Tik Tok vs You Tube Shorts

This is not the first time You Tube has been trying to make it by looking at the features of others. After Instagram, You Tube also started the option of having a feed. Tik Tok was launched in China in 2016. Its global launch was in 2018. In this app, users create and launch 3 to 60 seconds of videos. With the launch of the app, the users made themselves crazy and upon seeing it, the number of its users reached millions. Google's biggest problem is that its users are slowly shifting to Tik Tok. Today, some You Tubers have created their account on Tik Tok and started making videos on it. You Tube does not want to loose their creators and viewers that’s why You Tube now a days working on Shorts. At present, the number of users of Tik Tok is 500 millions, but it is much less than 2 billions of You Tube active users. But the speed with which the users of Tik Tok are increasing, it can be said that it will soon be able to match You Tube. You Tube is known for Long videos. However, there is a possibility that You Tube will bring a strategy so that it can manage both short videos and long videos simultaneously.

History Of Tik-Tok:-

Two good friends of China, whose friendship has been going on for a long time, Alex Juhu and Luyu Yang. And both of them, looking at the technology ahead, thought that they would build an educational social network in which children would study from home that is not even provided by the top universities of world. And his second motive was that those who have teaching ability will be able to study without any degree, without any résumé and without any interview. And they will also get more money according to their hard work and the popularity will be different. And with this dream, when Alex and Luyu had spent a lot of time and money building this app, it took them 6 months to build this app. When these people launched this app, it was going upside down as they thought. He thought that once the application was launched, people would come in huge quantities and take advantage of free education, but this did not happen to them.

Tik Tok vs You Tube Shorts

 There was no traffic on his app and nobody used to app him. And both of them started feeling that their hard work and money was wasted. And they thought that the price of education is visible to the people only when they spend thousands  of money on that. But then these people thought that they let this app stay like this but they will remove it from such education and put them in entertainment. But in entertainment, they will keep the video in small part because often people like to watch short videos more. And earlier there were no such platforms which would provide entertainment with the help of short videos. And lastly this app was launched in America and China, they named this app Musically. And at the time of its launch, this app became quite popular in Teenagers in China and America.

Tik Tok vs You Tube Shorts

Because these children used to use Musically And in 2015, lakhs of people were joined in Musically. And in May 2016, Musically was downloaded by 70 million people and 10 million videos were uploaded everyday. and apart from American and China, it was spreading in many countries. very much and had become its loyal users.

Tik Tok And Musically merge:-

There was a company in China called Bitendans. This company bought Musically on 9 November 2017 for 1 billion dollars. And then this company made a new app by joining Musically and Doyin and named it Tik Tok.

Tik Tok vs You Tube Shorts

And this same Musically and Doyin came to be known from Tik Tok from 2 August 2018.And Now it is more popular then facebook and twitter. But now-a-days it is considered cheap because it is ruining tomorrow's generation. Now a days many states are planning to ban this app.

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