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Monday, April 6, 2020

Airtel X-Stream In 25 States of India

Airtel X-Stream In 25 States of India

Airtel X-stream:-

Airtel, one of India's largest telecom companies, is preparing to increase its broadband service X-stream. Airtel started its X-Stream service in October 2019 in some cities with a speed of 1 Gbps. Now the company plans to grow it in 25 cities by the end of the year. The 25 cities that the company has chosen are as follows:-

April 1: Ajmer, Ghazipur, Kota, Shimla
April 15: Jagadhari, Yamunanagar
May 1: Hosur, Mathura, Jhansi, Thanjavur
June 1: Aligarh, Bhilwara, Bikaner, Bundi, Dharamshala, Gorakhpur, Jodhpur, Kakinada, Kolhapur, Mirzapur, Muzaffarnagar, Shahjahanpur, Tirupati, Udaipur
July 1: Rohtak

Airtel X-Stream In 25 States of India

Basic Plan of X-Stream:-

The basic plan of Airtel X-Stream is starting from Rs 599. It includes customers with 16 Mbps speed, 100 GB data unlimited local and STD calls and Airtel X-Stream content access also provided to the users.

Entertainment plan of X-Stream:- 

The same Airtel X-Stream entertainment plan is available for Rs 799. In this, customers get 40 Mbps speed, unlimited data and calls.

Premium Plan of X-Stream:-

Apart from this, there is also a premium plan of 1000 rupees. In this, customers will get 100 Mbps speed, unlimited data and calls.

VIP plans of X-Stream:-

 Airtel X-Stream customers will get 300 Mbps speed and 600 GB data in VIP plans.

Airtel X-Stream prices being launched in new cities can be derived from old plans. It is believed that the new basic plan can start from Rs 799. In which the customer will get 150 when data will be available with 100 mbps speed. Apart from this, the entertainment plan will be available for Rs 999 and the premium plan will be Rs 1499. Due to the Corona Virus in the country, many companies are working from home, due to which people are using more data, it is believed that in the coming time many companies will do work from home. In this, increasing its services of Airtel is being considered a good step. Premium and VIP users of Airtel X-Stream will also be offered Amazon Prime and G5 along with Airtel X-Stream content.

Offers of Airtel X-Stream:-

The value that set-up is 3999 rupees, apart from this, whatever application is free for their content 1 month. And if you want to continue this service after one month, you will have to recharge for Rs 300 for 3 months. Airtel X-Stream is offering another complex in which you can choose a full 1-year plan. In which you will have to give 999 rupees extra with a set-up box of Rs 3999, in which you will be given a one-year application package by activating it. But watching TV channels will be different from the charging of application content. In Airtel X-Stream, you will get the opportunity to play movies, apps, games, TV channels, everything in it. It has 4K content, Google Assistant feature and it is powered by Android TV. A remote will also be given to listen to voice commands. There will also be an option to install a micro-card.


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