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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Corona's impact on the job offer letter of students graduating in 2020

               Corona's impact on the job offer letter of students graduating in 2020

Nowadays, every student who has either been placed or was going to be place has not been placed, is thinking that his placement will not stop due to corona virus or can the joining be canceled.Because everyone needs a job and anyway engineering is a field where most people are unemployed and millions of people are unemployed every year in india.

Corona's impact on the job offer letter of students graduating in 2020

Due to Corona virus, many countries like America, China, UK, Germany etc. have been Lock Down due to Corona Virus.The big IT companies of our country, whether they are Infosys,TCS,Wipro etc. all of them have their clients from these countries.So effect on these countries economy will also effect the business of these company.And due to the lock down, the shares of these companies are also falling and these companies are suffering a lot of losses. Also, work is stalled due to the absence of employees.While Infosys has made 18,000 offers this financial year, Wiprohas said it will onboard around 20,000 fresh graduates.“The real impact will be on hiring for next year (2021), which will depend on the demand outlook amid spread of Coronavirus”.It totally depends on effect of corona virus on world.

In these circumstances some of these can happen.

1. Either offer letter may come late by 2-3 months.
2. Either companies will remove some of their employees based on their      performance.
3. Either there may be a decrease in the placement of engineering students graduating in the year 2021, so that they can give jobs to all the students who graduate in 2020.
4.These Indian governments will take care of the losses of these companies by giving them financial support so that unemployment spreads.
5.Or this company can cancel some offer letters, mostly small companies with small business but in big companies like Infosys, TCS it is likely to work a bit.Because these companies have so much capacity that they can withstand such situations.


Do not depend on one company try to get more and more offers so that you can have at least one offer if some of them get cancelled.Try to learn new technologies so that when everything is fine you can get more and more opportunities.

Effect on students graduating in 2021 year ?

Corona's impact on the job offer letter of students graduating in 2020

It may be hard time for Students graduating in year 2021 because the joining of students placed in 2020 will be late due this companies will definitely reduce the numbers of offers in 2021.So the competition in 2021 will be very high.Unemployment rate will also increase in 2021.Because jobs will be limited and number of applicable students will be large.But there is possibility that placement will reduce around 30-40 percent.

But there will some good opportunities will also there.



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