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Monday, April 6, 2020

Countries developing the corona virus vaccine

Countries developing the corona virus vaccine

Everyone from China to Australia is busy making the vaccine. Some of these are as follows:-

Corona Vaccine In America:-

Many countries are engaged in making the corona vaccine, scientists of the University of Pittsburgh, based in America, have had initial success in testing on animals. Scientists say that during the experiment conducted on mice, positive response to the drug has been found. And this initial investigation has also been published in the British Medical Magin's The Lancet.

The test is taken by the following way:-
A corona infection was first introduced into the rat to check the corona vaccine and its body was infected. And then the anti-corona drug was injected into his body. The results so far are very good.

Countries developing the corona virus vaccine

Corona Vaccine In INDIA:-

An Indian company has got a big success against Corona, if the company believes it has found a medicine to fight Corona. It is being told about this vaccine that the research on this is going to be completed soon. At this time, there are no medicines made in Corona, doctors are using medicines used in other diseases on patients of Corona. And it is expected that soon this vaccine will be available in many countries including India. The company named Bharat Biotech is making this vaccine. The company's chairman, Dr. Krishna Ella, said that the country has developed a corona vaccine for fight with the corona virus. This is the first vaccine in the country that can be successful in avoiding the corona virus.

Countries developing the corona virus vaccine

This vaccine has been named Koravec. The company claims that it will be injected into the nose to avoid the corona virus. This claim is being said to be so effective that it can be used even in common cold fever. The company said that we are developing Kora Flu Vaccine Solution based on comani's Flu Vaccine Name EM2SR. Testing of this vaccine may take 3-6 months.Dr. Ella said that they started the clinical trial directly to the America because in ameriace it can be tested on human and animals together. Because of this, it will not take long to get approval from the safety standards. This vaccine can be launched once safety standards are approved. At the same time, when the infection of Zika virus spread in the world, it was India Biotech who first made its vaccine. Similarly, the earliest vaccine for H1N1 influenza infection was made by this company.


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