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Friday, April 10, 2020

Take full advantage of online classes by adopting these tricks

Take full advantage of online classes by adopting these tricks

Take full advantage of online classes by adopting these tricks

Taking these classes for the first time?These Tips will help online classes become better focused

Universities and collages have also been closed due to the steps taken to control Kovid 19 epidemic, so that universities are now starting online classes so that students do not lose their studies. However, it is no longer easy for students sitting in a class full of students to read alone in the rooms, check the internet for resources and complete assignments online. Secondly, with the abundance of social media feeds and WhatsApp messages, you can get away from your entertainment. 

In this way, these tips can be helpful for you:-

Old fashioned notes:-

Looking at an online lecture or presentation, if you are making notes then use pen and paper instead of typing on the laptop. Research has revealed that typing students performed poorly in conceptual questions as compared to hand-writing notes. Not only this, the tenancy of transcribing every word of the lecture was seen in those who type. Which affects your learning as opposed to processing and reformatting the information in your own words.

Keep taking breaks in between:-

Do not forget to take frequent breaks while studying online. Sloan Senior Lecturer Bob Posen from MIT 75 says that working 45 to 90 minutes helps your brain to work in two modes. The first is learning or focus and the second is consolidation. Taking a 15-minute break after tasking helps the brain to consolidate and remember it.

Keep away the distractions:-

If twitter, netflix or whatsapp diverts your attention between studies and does not allow you to focus, then there are many apps that can help you overcome this problem. Can.

Take study plan help:-

Make a study calendar that contains information about the upcoming exam, date of submitting assignments, etc. Save it on your computer or mobile. And whenever you sit and read, you must see it once. At the beginning of every week, make two lists and complete them in time.


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