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Monday, April 6, 2020

Tik Tok vs You Tube Shorts

Tik Tok vs You Tube Shorts

Tik Tok vs You Tube Shorts:-

These days people are at home because of Corona Virus and they are using Tik Tok too much. Because it is a good medium of entertainment. People are telling their situation through social media on Tik Tok. After Tik Tok You Tube is also thinking of bringing something to the market. To compete against Tik Tok, You Tube also facilitates making a short video. And its name will be Shorts. Shorts can be better than Tik Tok. Also it will get more videos and music than Tik Tok. Because You Tube already has a license for millions of Music. People will be able to make short videos in shorts and share them as well. However, it may take time for this feature to appear in You Tube. In Tik Tok users can make videos of 15 seconds or 60 seconds.

Tik Tok vs You Tube Shorts

This is not the first time You Tube has been trying to make it by looking at the features of others. After Instagram, You Tube also started the option of having a feed. Tik Tok was launched in China in 2016. Its global launch was in 2018. In this app, users create and launch 3 to 60 seconds of videos. With the launch of the app, the users made themselves crazy and upon seeing it, the number of its users reached millions. Google's biggest problem is that its users are slowly shifting to Tik Tok. Today, some You Tubers have created their account on Tik Tok and started making videos on it. You Tube does not want to loose their creators and viewers that’s why You Tube now a days working on Shorts. At present, the number of users of Tik Tok is 500 millions, but it is much less than 2 billions of You Tube active users. But the speed with which the users of Tik Tok are increasing, it can be said that it will soon be able to match You Tube. You Tube is known for Long videos. However, there is a possibility that You Tube will bring a strategy so that it can manage both short videos and long videos simultaneously.

History Of Tik-Tok:-

Two good friends of China, whose friendship has been going on for a long time, Alex Juhu and Luyu Yang. And both of them, looking at the technology ahead, thought that they would build an educational social network in which children would study from home that is not even provided by the top universities of world. And his second motive was that those who have teaching ability will be able to study without any degree, without any résumé and without any interview. And they will also get more money according to their hard work and the popularity will be different. And with this dream, when Alex and Luyu had spent a lot of time and money building this app, it took them 6 months to build this app. When these people launched this app, it was going upside down as they thought. He thought that once the application was launched, people would come in huge quantities and take advantage of free education, but this did not happen to them.

Tik Tok vs You Tube Shorts

 There was no traffic on his app and nobody used to app him. And both of them started feeling that their hard work and money was wasted. And they thought that the price of education is visible to the people only when they spend thousands  of money on that. But then these people thought that they let this app stay like this but they will remove it from such education and put them in entertainment. But in entertainment, they will keep the video in small part because often people like to watch short videos more. And earlier there were no such platforms which would provide entertainment with the help of short videos. And lastly this app was launched in America and China, they named this app Musically. And at the time of its launch, this app became quite popular in Teenagers in China and America.

Tik Tok vs You Tube Shorts

Because these children used to use Musically And in 2015, lakhs of people were joined in Musically. And in May 2016, Musically was downloaded by 70 million people and 10 million videos were uploaded everyday. and apart from American and China, it was spreading in many countries. very much and had become its loyal users.

Tik Tok And Musically merge:-

There was a company in China called Bitendans. This company bought Musically on 9 November 2017 for 1 billion dollars. And then this company made a new app by joining Musically and Doyin and named it Tik Tok.

Tik Tok vs You Tube Shorts

And this same Musically and Doyin came to be known from Tik Tok from 2 August 2018.And Now it is more popular then facebook and twitter. But now-a-days it is considered cheap because it is ruining tomorrow's generation. Now a days many states are planning to ban this app.


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